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Newspaper «KHAKASSIA» 2009 "Juliet...Juliet at home"

About vocalist Ekaterina Monisova our newspaper told when she started her career as a student of the Russian Academy of Music. After graduating from the Kazan State Conservatory majoring in "Conducting Academic Choir" she spent seven years teaching at the Art Institute of KSU. And her voice pleased with amazing shade. Ekaterina performed at different stages of the republic. Successfully passed and her solo concerts with symphony orchestra of Khakassia Republican Philharmonic.

Listening to her sing, you know: Woman has a great vocal future. For such a natural talent like green spring sprouts, punching force unknown to us the most hard asphalt...

And now, after a few years, Ekaterina, now chartered opera singer, soloist of the Moscow State Philharmonic Society, came to the office to talk about his first, but very important victory in the world of singing.

 She had just returned from Italy where she won the first prize at the international forum, held in April in the Italian city Lonigo, located near such historical and architectural gems, like Venice and Verona. It should be noted that last year the young soloist graduated Gnessin Russian Academy of Music specialty "Operatic singing" in the class soloist of the Bolshoi Theatre, Professor Leonid Vilensky and successfully gave recitals and chamber with ensemble "Eccellente" (artistic director-Evgeny Nepalo) in the capital of Russia. The emergence of new talent in the world of domestic vocals noted in the art world famous magazine "Musical Life" in its current February issue.

About this contest, I learned quite unexpectedly - says Ekaterina Monisova - from one of his teachers. The forum was held on the concert Villa San Fermo, dating back to 1668. This former abbatial parish and the former residence of the Pope - Pius XII, with its own church, school. Stunning monument of history and architecture. The villa - wonderful concert hall, a small but very good acoustics, having seen the performances of the stars of world renown. Of course, it was an indescribable feeling of involvement with all this,- says Ekaterina...

The culmination of the program was competitive recitative and Juliet romance of Vincenzo Bellini 's opera "I Capuleti e i Montecchi". I sang it with a special sense, as it happened in the homeland of the composer, not far from the city, where, according to legend, lived Juliet.

Of course, I really wanted to get to Verona, to stand on the balcony, where it once stood. And I did it. Surprised that Juliet on the frescoes of his three-storey house displayed as plump blonde girl with small curls. And with kind of looks older than 16 years. And remember Verona Arena, where a few centuries ago shook district gladiator fights, and now a large-scale opera productions, such as "Aida" by Giuseppe Verdi. By the way, the Italians more like Verona and Venice, these cities are considered as a popular destination.

It was necessary to perform a folk song in the old style, in the style of belcanto, and contemporary work. It was necessary to show the ability to sing in different styles. I finished the program with known song "Lullaby of Clara" from George Gershwin's opera "Porgy and Bess".

Remember? - Ekaterina softly sang the famous song. - Interestingly, - continued soloist - that spectators were not there. A concert watched and evaluated only commission.

It consists of twelve working professionals from Italy, Denmark, Ukraine, the Baltic States and Russia. Chairman of the jury was a professor at the Conservatory of Italy Piergiorgio Meneghini. In conclusion, a gala concert was held. It was the most vivid and interesting works performed by winners. I was lucky to participate in the gala program. I sang a work of rarely performed old composer, the founder of English opera by Henry Purcell and, of course, "Clara 's Lullaby" with its jazz rhythms. Enjoyable moment was the invitation of the founder of Association competition in Italy, Professor Meneghini on a solo performance in the coming year.

Vocal participants in the forum were of two categories : students of conservatories and professionals. I had already spoken among professionals. Among them were the soloists from the opera houses. Of course, felt a special competitive environment and how the jury perceives your performance. This became especially noticeable when I sang Gershwin. Because I was trying to get away from the classical tradition to make some jazz elements (swing). Saw how they listened to me, even swayed to the music. And most importantly, I just get great pleasure from singing at the final concert, in an atmosphere of relaxation and lack of ratings.

Besides music, what impression gave you the Italy that surprised birthplace of opera music ?

Since I sang Juliet, and it was kind of a culmination of my concert, I felt why it is so impressive to me… I was visiting her house museum. Looked at the frescoes of XVI - XVII centuries, and was fueled by their energy. I even managed to take a moment and sat down on a chair, on which once sat Juliet.

Of course, the indelible impressions left Venice. Arriving there, we sat in a small steamer, because walking on the famous Venetian gondolas is quite expensive. Floated down the Grand Canal across Venice to San Marco Square, and walk back. We were there for only one day. The weather was sunny. There were wonderful pictures.

In addition, I was able to stay a couple days in Vienna. Visited the Vienna State Opera. I think this is the dream of every musician. Visited the homeland of the Viennese classics. It is remarkable that anyone can attend the opera, buying a ticket, "no place" in just three euros and "defend" the entire statement in the gallery. The cost of the seats in the vip- lodges comes to 250 euros.

At the capital of Austria, we flew on an airplane, and to Italy, to which, by the way, there's not far away, traveled by bus through the Alps about eight o'clock. This, of course, a miracle! These mountains for some reason I was reminded of our Sayan.

Vienna - a beautiful city with stunning architecture. To understand it and see all you, of course, should live there. On this occasion, said exactly the Waltz King Johan Strauss: "There is only one city of emperors, there is only one Vienna". Remained memorable tour of Vienna Attractions - Imperial Palace. I remember the interesting detail. Visitor give small headphones. And, moving freely through the halls, regardless of the guide, you can listen to the desired language story about the exhibits Palace. With such kind of service I have not had to face before.

It seemed to me that I will have another opportunity to visit this wonderful city.

Tell us about your Moscow solo concerts and performances with the ensemble "Eccellente".

He had to perform to the Nobility. There are weekly concerts. Bring together representatives of the Russian nobility, and listen to music. Superb audience, tickets on the internet. It was still my first concerts.

How does the Nobility appreciate now the vocal?

Judging by the fact that I received an invitation yet, everyone liked my performance.

I had a memorable concert in Lublin manor, palace Darusova. Lovely decor, flooring, wonderful acoustics. Ceilings in the painting, a white grand piano. The hall was full of listeners.

What does metropolitan listener prefer now?

String ensemble with my repertoire is slightly restricted. Basically this ancient arias : Bach, Vivaldi, Purcell, Handel. Old romances. This particular style, and it is necessary to know all the details of its implementation, picking. The most interesting performance I had with the flute and bassoon. In earlier times, instruments imitated the voice and the voice imitated instruments. Here it is appropriate to recall the words of Johann Sebastian Bach: "Play as you sing, and sing, how to play".

During employment with Professor Vilensky I had the opportunity to visit the Bolshoi Theatre. Sometimes there were rehearsals. This is impressive!

The very regal atmosphere, meetings with famous artists. One day before the premiere of the ballet "Le Corsaire" I came to rehearsal, sat in the hall, one. Imagine - says Ekaterina unforgettable impressions, - enters the scene itself Tsiskaridze and dancing. As for me. Wow!

Were small concerts in museums. It is also quite interesting. For example, in the museum of Bulgakov, Stanislavsky, in the house of Tchaikovsky. I also offer to act in the Kremlin Armoury. Feel agree!

Interviewed Liubov Mishina.