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Magazine «THEY» ”The Road to Perfection is through the art"

On January, 18 in Khakassia Republican Philharmonic took place solo concert of Ekaterina Monisova with Symphony Orchestra under Vjacheslav Inkizhekov. Her soprano - so freely and easily penetrates the soul of the listener, that we began to wonder what is the secret of stunning harmony and beauty that surround this man. About love, art and secrets of craftsmanship and we chatted with Ekaterina under a cup of tea.

Tell us how it was that you started singing?

I sing all my life as I can remember. I was born in Kazan, and grown in the North Caucasus, Maikop - a small town in the Republic of Adygea, where there was no opera. As a child I was very emancipated child, so I sang wherever I could find an appreciative auditory in the shops, the queues at bus stops. Perhaps this played a role in my life, because the artistry was always in me and always just looking output in different forms. One time I dreamed of being a ballerina, even attended a ballet studio, I wanted to be an actress, but in the end, the vocal allows me to give to the public all my skill. In Maikop I graduated from music school, piano and conducting and choral department of School of Arts. From the third year of my college I was sent to Professor of St. Petersburg State Conservatory V. Afanasiev, with whom I took lessons of conduction. With the program that we had rehearsed, I went to Kazan National State Conservatory. I must say that I was very lucky with the teachers. A.Buldakova - professor, head of the choir “DornanKrone” (“Crown of Thorns”), which became the winner of various international competitions. They traveled with a tour to Sweden, Malta, Italy. When I worked there as a choirmaster, we performed the worldwide classics - Rachmaninov, Shchedrin, Hindemith, etc. After Conservatory I like a young specialist taught at the Art Institute of Abakan. Link to the scene was stronger than me, I sacrificed with the sake of vocal teaching career and entered the 2nd year of the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music.

My teacher became L.Wilensky - one of the leading tenors of the Bolshoi Theatre, the volume - who had been on tour all the leading opera houses of the world. After finishing Gnessin Russian Academy of Music I will have two qualifications - soprano and chamber singer.

And what do you prefer opera or romance?

Romance subtly conveys the nuances of human feelings, opera clicking on eternal human passions. It is difficult to say which of these diamonds is larger, they simply have different faceting. I like to sing romances and arias, love jazz, and listen to club music. Last year, I even offered to participate in the Jazz project in Moscow, but I want first try to realize myself in the art of opera.

It is said that some people are brought in life by the lodestar. In your life, too, is something like that?

This is my voice, he repeatedly was helping out. For example, on the issue of the exam in Kazan, I played the role of not only the conductor but also a soloist. Salvador Dali once said: "Do not strive for perfection, you still will not achieve it", nevertheless striving for the ideal lives within each of us and is the most powerful positive stimulus. Because of this desire people create the greatest works of art in different areas. Opera teaches me to be sincere, because it is central of creativity. Previously, I was afraid to reveal his feelings on stage now when I sing, I love, I'm ready to embrace the view of everyone who hears me. This is the highest love, I'm ready to give it and feel it in return.

Perhaps there are composers whose works cause the most sincere trembling?

It is I.S.Bach, his music creates in me a sense of ownership, belonging to high cosmic mind, people say that the way to God is through art really is. In addition, the organ works of Bach I heard from my childhood, my parents were not musicians, but in the house constantly sounded organ music, I grew up on it. Love the creativity of Chopin. In Conservatory often performed his nocturnes. Chopin is playing and listening by the heart, the living heart cannot remain indifferent to it.

Who of opera singers do you admire?

Sincerely admire Galina Wishnewskaya and I dream to meet her. This is a man of extraordinary destiny, is an extraordinary person with a strong will to life and creativity. It is said that each test is given as much as we can overcome it But one thing to overcome, and quite another - to achieve a complete and unconditional victory over the circumstances of life, to create his own school of opera. Cecilia Bartoli is influenced me with her vocal technique and Italian temperament, Barbara Hendrix with opera-jazz style of performance.

Argued that the opera - the art for a limited number of intellectuals, is this true?

Perhaps, yes. But we must understand that the opera - eternal art, it will always find its audience, however, it develops, is transformed according to the realities of the outside world. Today listener perceives is an art as a fusion opera and rhythms. Think of an unforgettable duet of F. Mercury and M. Caballe, their “Barcelona” resounded all over the world.

I understand that you never stop to please the listener.

Yes, it is. In February, held a concert “Not only jazz” with the famous team in “Viola Quartet", so welcome everyone who wants to enjoy good music and performance.

You are adorable and on stage and in life, what is the secret of your beauty and well being?

Quite simply, I am an optimist, perception world essentially positively. I look at the world through rose-colored glasses, but with the X-ray. It really is. In all that happens, I see only advantages but very well understand all human motivation. What is the meaning to be angry with people, if you know what motivates them? Nobody is obliged to act in your best interests - and that's okay, because the world is. Each of us lives the life he chooses for himself. Want to be happy and beautiful - just be it!

Tell me, Ekaterina, why oat our tough time you stay on true art?

Art never betrays. The world is constantly changing, increasing the speed of life and art is eternal, it is a kind of landmark that does not lose ground. If thou art true, art is true to you.

Interviewed Nadejda Ilchenko.