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Magazine «VIT&FIT» “Home Conservatory - that's life”

Ekaterina Monisova - musician and opera singer. But for the most part not on Abakan but on the Moscow scene. In Khakassia Republican Philharmonic owner of a beautiful soprano, a graduate of the Kazan Conservatory and the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music just gave two solo concerts with symphony orchestra. And immediately became a favorite of the local audience. Ekaterina abhors monotony in the works. Her repertoire includes arias and romances, jazz compositions. Offstage she also prefers to be different: it is equally to face shape of romantic nymphs and vamp.

After finishing Gnessin Russian Academy of Music professor Evgeni Nepalo invited me to perform at a concert with renowned Moscow Philharmonic orchestra “Eccellente” whose artistic governmental leader he is. With this ensemble I gave two solo concerts at home of Tchaikovsky and in Stanislavsky Museum, about which was written in the journal «Musical Life». Now I officially became a soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic. However, my most cherished dream - to sing in the opera house.

This year I won the first prize at the Vocal Competition in Italy, where I performed a program with accompanist Marina Kravets. This is a very sensitive and highly professional musician, with whom I work to this day. With her we recorded the first disc of Russian and foreign songs. I sang with the organ in the palace “Tsaritsino”. This spring, I plan to give a solo concert in Italy, and after, in the U.S., to take part in the tour of the project “Opera Piccola”.

I sing a lyrical soprano: party of Snow Maiden from the opera, the part of Violetta from “La Traviata”, Waltz of Juliet from opera Gounod's "Romèo et Juliette", Mimi and Musetta in “La Bohème”, Liu in “Turandot”. "Each concert ends with Gershwin‘s “Lullaby Clara” – I can say this is my “crown”. In this work I combine operatic way of singing with a swing.

I would like to be different from other singers not only by beautiful tone of voice, but also by creative solutions in music. I've been toying with the idea to create a mix of opera with DJ. With flutist Irina Stachinskaya we are currently preparing a joint project - space diva aria from the movie «The Fifth Element» (in fact, the basis of this composition lies aria of Lucia Donizetti supplemented with modern rhythms). Maybe we can stay in your own clip in space costumes.

I'm a city person and prefer a rapid rhythm of life. But sometimes I need to relax, and in this helps me oriental music – from Indonesia, India. It allows nothing to think, meditate, practice yoga. In Moscow, at the Kuznetsk bridge there is a vegetarian restaurant “Jagannath”, where I come to relax from the bustling metropolis, drink tea and enjoy the atmosphere, scented east.

By nature I am an introvert. But profession leaves its mark and unwittingly disposes to communicate. I have many acquaintances, friends, mentors, and completely of different professions: there are the artists, designers, photographers, composers, conductors. And we all teach each other something, something give each other.

People of creative circle are very responsive, and thus are able to create interesting mutually beneficial projects.

Each person tries to see only the good. I appreciate in people sincerity, honesty and generosity.

Renowned Couturier Alisa Tolkacheva (personal designer of Angelika Varum) interested in my new solo project “From Baroque to Jazz”, which will be held in the Kremlin Armoury. She liked the idea of ​​creating design collection corresponding to different historical epochs.

I have a certain style of clothing. I can be flirty girl in polka-dot dress, vamp or romantic nymph.

The best way to look good - it is a positive attitude, love for people and everything around me and thirst for life. I try not to express negative emotions, even if I have something happen. I am constantly looking for new ideas.

I like to relax differently. I can relax at home, with incense sticks, under the oriental music. But if I had given the chance, would be happy to go in Sayan Mountains. When I was in Italy, I was convinced that our Sayan is not worse than the Alps.

I think the favorite artist is Salvador Dali, I managed to visit the castle - museum of the artist in Spain, in the town of Figueres. I am very close to his idea: «Do not be afraid of perfection, you still does not reach it. «Prefer psychological books, in particular Robin Sharma: such literature provides an opportunity for spiritual and personal growth.

I'm a philosopher in life and believe that the biggest conservatory - that's life. And people who meet on the path of life, and events - are not accidental. Even the difficulties and obstacles are allowed to grow and move forward. In the movie “City of Angels” hero of Nicolas Cage says: “Why do you need wings if you do not feel the wind in your face?” With this slogan, I go through life trying to, at times, to reconcile the irreconcilable.

Recorded Victoria Semenova, photo Alexander Korsun