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Magazine «SHiC» “I dream to sing in the opera houses of the world"

Ekaterina Monisova, an opera singer and musician, is still gaining acceptance among the general public. But experts and connoisseurs of singing in Russia and abroad have already noticed her beautiful soprano. Last year, Ekaterina won the Grand Prix at the International Forum vocalists, which traditionally takes place in Italy. Her repertoire includes arias and vocal chamber music of different eras and styles - from baroque to jazz.

Ekaterina, how long was your way to victory in Italy?

I was born in Kazan, where graduated from the conservatory. Then worked in Khakassia, collaborated with the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of Khakassia and taught at the Art Institute. I lived in Khakassia intermittently about 10 years. There's a large expanse and stunning Sayan Mountains, they give a strong energy recharge. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long, I felt lonely in Khakassia. After graduating Gnessin Russian Academy of Music by specialty “opera singer” decided to stay in Moscow. Here, there are fans, friends, their support is very helpful. Maybe that's why my solo career began to develop better, at first I got the first prize in Italy, and later - the Grand Prix. Now I am a soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic. However, my biggest dream - to sing in the opera house.

Who is your idol opera, to whom are you targeting?

I would not want someone to emulate, it is the wrong way and ungrateful. But I really like the way how Anna Netrebko holds herself on stage, her lovely plastic. Having besides cinematic appearance, she skillfully uses it. There are a lot of good voices and beautiful singers, but Netrebko is the most relaxed. And this is another standard of opera. We have always been what standards: singer went out - and stood. Even when I was studying, and it was not so long ago, we were strictly forbidden to do something with our hands. It's good at the training stage. But for the viewer is no longer interesting, when the singer stands as a bedside table, on the stage, he wants to not only to hear but also to see. That was spectacular. In short, stereotypes are changing, and thank God.

Tell us about your repertoire what does appeal you as an artist?

Recently, for some reason I always want to sing in French. Maybe in a previous life I was French? The joke, of course. In general, I sing in all languages. But now took Juliet from Gounod 's “Romèo et Juliette” and Marguerite of his “Faust” on French - such beauty! French is a very difficult language in singing, perhaps the most difficult of all, but when I practice pronunciation, it turns unusually beautiful. And if we talk about the repertoire as a whole, I play parties of lyric soprano - it is the Snow-maiden from the opera by Rimsky-Korsakov, Violetta - from “La Traviata” by Verdi, Tatiana - from “Eugene Onegin” by Tchaikovsky... I love to perform with the ensemble “Eccellente” he knows how to convey flavor music of vintage eras. And every solo concert, by the way, the next will be on May, the 1 at the museum-reserve “Tsaritsyno”, always end up with “Clara 's Lullaby” by Gershwin. This is my crowning room where I connect opera with a swing.

By the way, about the combination of opera with a swing. What do you think about crossover projects such as made by ​​Igor Krutoi and Dmitri Hvorostovsky, when the opera is made closer to the masses? Or crossover artists like Vanessa Mae, which is engaged in the same - brings the classics to those who wants to listen to it not only in the conservatory?

In one such project, I was even asked to participate, I had to sing an aria of space diva from the movie «The Fifth Element «. However, without a large-scale training is not to manage: we need a lot of money to attract good operatic voices, appropriate lighting effects, the strong support of the press, television... Of course, I would like to be different from other singers not only by voice but also by creative approach in the performance. But there is another side of the coin: when you start singing with a microphone, you lose singing skills in the great hall, where a completely different technology, another breath. Nikolai Baskov began singing into a microphone - and he cannot work at the Bolshoi Theatre. So I do not sing, for example, so often in microphone for corporate events - I do not want to break all by myself. Only once sang Ave Maria on club party, it was a mix of opera with DJ.

What does your touring experience say about the tastes of the public in the province and in the capital, in Russia and in Europe, they are very different?

In our Siberia, for example, want something entertaining, there the word «opera «in general scares people. Here operetta - yes, it's great. Not only in Siberia, even in Moscow not appreciate the art of opera, like in Europe and America. I had the good fortune and pleasure within the tour of America to perform in the Russian ambassador's residence in the United States, after which I was invited to participate in the Washington Opera Ball running Placido Domingo. I was amazed by anxious attitude of Americans to opera singing. Nevertheless, the main musical traditions still come from Europe. That's why I brought up on European music and sing mostly it.

When you go on tour, do you take a lot of luggage with you?

Naturally, I take all concert dresses, in the first place - a favorite blue, sewed it up for me by the designer Tatyana Romaniuk specifically to competition in Italy, where I won the Grand Prix. Dress proved lucky for me. With Tatiana we cooperate not so long ago, but I am very pleased with our partnership, we are on the same wavelength, she understands what I want, and I close her ideas.

As for everyday wear, how do you prefer to dress - fashionable or comfortable?

Sometimes you want to go in jeans, especially in Moscow, it is convenient to move around and still look good. And when rehearsals - jeans too. But on top I love to wear something airy, transparent, that's why I have a great amount of any blouses - silk, chiffon, lace. This is the combination of tenderness and convenience. And, of course, I love the dress.

Do you like needlework, to do something with your own hands ?

In the nineties, when I studied at the Kazan Conservatory, the stores, as you remember, were almost empty. And I wanted to have my own style and look good. Therefore I bought fabric and sewed by myself currently pantsuits, it was my hobby. Then I had a conductor's style: wand, jackets, pantsuits, tie with a jacket... Sewed various sundresses for summer from silk. It is difficult to work, so I had to sew on hands.

I received a great pleasure from this. I knitted earlier also too much. Now handmade is again appreciated, but not because of necessity, but as something exclusive.

How do you treat Shopping ?

I like to walk through the small Italian cities like Vicenza, Verona or Venice and at the same time to buy something. And in America, everything is cheaper than at us, I brought out a myriad of things. On labels never pay attention, I think, the brand concerned about only by those who have no taste. In my opinion, let the clothes are stitched by hands, but it will be strictly a single version only for you. I always pay attention to the showcases of jewelry, because as every woman like I stones - precious, semi-precious. But small because I am miniature and big jewelry is not for me. Although I've got a great avant-garde pendant of red coral, a pod in silver.

Certainly around you is always a lot of fans. What men do you like?

Fans, really, a lot, and almost all are surprised how different I am on stage and in life. On stage I have a bright makeup, because there I must by mimicry express my feelings.

But in real life I have minimum of cosmetics, simple and homely. Fans are amazed - where gone diva? And after the show I do not want even to talk, because I give myself away to the maximum, so I want just to sit and be quiet. As to the men that I like, at the first place - smart. Then - caring and attentive, it is not a surprise. Not owners and to give the opportunity to the woman to develop not only in her profession, but also as a person.

What helps you to stay in a good mood?

In fact, I experienced a lot in my life. It gave me a tremendous thirst to live and do my own things, whatever it was hard. Rescues self-irony, hope for the best and optimism. Only forward in fulfilling my mission!

Interviewed by Tatiana Filippova. Photo - Igor Piskarev

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